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You'll have 100% satisfaction and 100% clean floors at Pro Force Carpet Cleaning. Sulphur, LA has particular bacteria, toxins, and other allergens that invade deep into floors and negatively impact your breathing and overall health. Our professional techniques remove particles like these from your home or commercial property, improving the quality of life of anyone who breathes in the air.

100% Clean Guarantee

Our Sulphur carpet cleaning customers are 100% satisfied. It's our guarantee that you'll feel the same way!

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Improve Family Health

Unless you have a microscope, you can't see the dangers lurking in your carpet. Trapped deep inside your carpet is bacteria and other allergens that your family breathes in all day and night. We can help you remove these dangerous particles and breathe clear again.

Increase Home Value

Bad-looking carpets can sink the value of your home, fast! Real estate agents know what to look for to make sure a home has been cared for, and poor floors are one of the first things they notice. With fresh, beautiful carpets, you can help ensure that your house will get the highest possible price.

100% Satisfaction

Our absolute top priority at Pro Force Carpet Cleaning is your complete satisfaction. From carpets in commercial buildings to home floors, we give our top effort and commitment to transform dirty carpets into ridiculously clean carpets. We work not only until you're happy, but also until we're proud of the job we've done!


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