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There's A Reason We're The Pros

From the moment each of our professional carpet cleaners saw their first dirty carpets, we all knew we had a mission: eradicate every last toxin and allergen from the carpets in every home in America.

That was probably a little bit optimistic, but we’re doing the best we can—starting with your home!

Seriously, dirty carpets can make a huge difference in the value of your home and, more importantly, the health of you and your family!

I want you to take a quick look at your carpets right now. I’ll wait.

Did you notice every individual particle rising up in the air and heading straight for your lungs? Probably not! Unless you’re a superhero, our eyes can’t see it, but our bodies notice these allergens and toxins that can result in poor respiratory health.

Pro Force Carpet Cleaning will quickly and professionally eliminate these problems and help you keep your family healthy, your property valuable, and your carpets looking absolutely beautiful.

We want you to help us in our mission to clean every carpet in America!

Let us give you a free quote today. Shoot us a message or give us a call, and we will work with you to make sure your floor is clean and face is smiling.

Happy Customers

Allergies? No More!
My husband was having the worst allergies ever since we moved into our new house. It turned out that the previous owner had a dog, which meant that we were basically living with a dog too! We called Pro Force Carpet Cleaning, and they came out and cleared up our carpet and my husband's allergies!
Lisa Hernandez
Filthy To Fabulous!
In our rent house, we had a tenant who left the carpets absolutely DISGUSTING! I could barely even go in the house, so I called the pros. They could fit me in the next day, and the problem was solved. The clean carpets looked better than ever. I'll always call Pro Force first.
Sylvia Cormier