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Happier and Healthier
I couldn't believe the difference! My carpets look brand new again. And more importantly for me as a mom, I can tell my kids are breathing better. No more runny noses. I have recommended Pro Force Carpet Cleaning to everyone I know.
Karen Jackson
Real Value
When we were getting ready to sell our house, we knew we had to do something about getting the carpets cleaned. Our realtor recommended Pro Force, and wow, she was right! We ended up getting more than our asking price and will use this service again.
Donald Taylor

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Filthy To Fabulous!
In our rent house, we had a tenant who left the carpets absolutely DISGUSTING! I could barely even go in the house, so I called the pros. They could fit me in the next day, and the problem was solved. The clean carpets looked better than ever. I'll always call Pro Force first.
Sylvia Cormier
Allergies? No More!
My husband was having the worst allergies ever since we moved into our new house. It turned out that the previous owner had a dog, which meant that we were basically living with a dog too! We called Pro Force Carpet Cleaning, and they came out and cleared up our carpet and my husband's allergies!
Lisa Hernandez
Pro Force Carpet Cleaning Reviews

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Super Clean Floors
I can't believe how deep Pro Force's floor cleaning gets. It's like the difference between watching an old TV and a brand new 4K TV. The floors look great, and I couldn't be happier.
Daniel Avery
Above & Beyond
Our toilets got backed up and overflowed. All over our carpets. Two days before Christmas! It was a miracle that Pro Force came in after hours to get us taken care of before our family got into town. Thank you, thank you!
Darla Boudreaux

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Incredible Difference
I didn't realize just how filthy our carpets really were until we called Pro Force. The difference after they finished was truly incredible! Trust me when I say you will not regret calling!
Shonda Freeman
Best Service In Town
I have hired many carpet cleaning companies over the years. So many services in Lake Charles are unprofessional, rude, or worse! With Pro Force, I have always been 100% satisfied. They are true professionals, and I'm glad I don't have to keep looking!
Terry Davis

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Amazingly Clean
The experience we had with Pro Force was not one we’ll forget anytime soon. Everything exceeded our expectations. Our home is cleaner than ever thanks to you. We just can’t match the quality of the cleaning they provide!
Gerald Stanley
Better Than New
When it came time to look at new furniture, we decided to take a shot at getting our worn-in furniture cleaned instead. It looks brand new! Instead of new furniture, we went on a romantic vacation. We'll always call Pro Force first.
Kristal Weatherford