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Do you always remove your shoes when you enter your home? Even if you do, contaminants that become embedded in carpets can settle in your carpets from the air or they enter your home on your clothes.

Carpet vacuuming isn’t nearly enough. A carpet or rug can hold literally pounds of dirt before it ever even starts to look dirty. Pets create biological hazards from every day pet messes (not to mention embedded fur and odors). Bacteria and other dangerous organisms can grow in your carpets because of pets. Don’t get rid of your pets – call Pro Force Carpet Cleaning! Westlake, LA professionals.

100% Clean Guarantee

Our Westlake carpet cleaning customers are 100% satisfied. It’s our guarantee that you’ll feel the same way!

Improve Family Health

You can't see what kind of dangers might lurk in your carpet without a microscope. Bacteria, allergens, and other particles get trapped deep inside for your family to breathe in day and night. Our deep cleaning techniques can remove these danger particles and get you breathing clear again.

Increase Home Value

Ever walked into a house with trashed out carpets, or at least dingy ones? How much of a discount do you think you could get on a place like that? Realtors are looking for exactly that sort of issue when it comes time to sell your home. Beautifully clean carpets can get you a higher price at closing!

100% Satisfaction

Others talk about satisfaction, but at Pro Force Carpet Cleaning, it's our way of life! Commercial buildings, home flooring, or anything else you might need - we put our hearts into it to make sure that you have ridiculously clean carpets! If you're not happy, we're going to keep on going until you're smiling!

Westlake's Finest

Let me save you some time. These are the best Westlake carpet cleaners. Just call them. I recommend them to my friends, family, or anyone else needing help!
Tracy Bonham

No Games, Just Cleaning

I've been jerked around so many times by cleaning services and other contractors. Pro Force did what they said they'd do and let me get back to my life - with much cleaner carpets!
Chandra Scott

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